Which Company Has the Lowest Cost of Car Insurance in Bakersfield?

Bakersfield, California is located approximately two hours north of Los Angeles, along the state’s central artery, Interstate 5. Though this is a medium sized town of just under 400,000 citizens, the town ranks #3 for automobile theft in the nation. In 2018, there were 6,700 thefts with a resulting, population-adjusted theft rate of 752. Car owners should thus take this fact into consideration when purchasing insurance for their autos. Bakersfield drivers should also consider other factors such as their daily drive time.

Drivers in Bakersfield may dislike their daily commutes, but most in the city spend a relatively low amount of time getting to work compared to drivers in some other cities. In fact, the average driver in Bakersfield only commutes 22 minutes to work. Their fellow Californians in Anaheim spend nearly 8 minutes more, on average, getting to work every day. Nonetheless, since each Bakersfield household averages two automobiles, families are exposed to an average of 88 minutes of traffic per day, often at peak hours. While their traffic issues don’t compare to other California towns such as San Francisco or Los Angeles, this means that Bakersfield drivers are nonetheless exposed to a high degree of risk every day.

It’s therefore very important that Bakersfield drivers take good care when purchasing an auto insurance plan. Not only are they exposed to a great deal of risk on the way to and from work, but the high rate of auto theft in Bakersfield means that any car might be damaged without the knowledge or consent of its owner wherever they park throughout the day. This page is designed to help Bakersfield car owners navigate the world of car insurance.

What are the Insurance Requirements in Bakersfield?

Drivers in Bakersfield, California are all required to carry a minimum level of automobile insurance so that everyone is covered in the event of an accident. The lowest legal level of car insurance is the liability policy that insurers usually offer at the most affordable rates. These policies allow drivers to maintain their automobiles legally, but their coverage is limited.

That is, in the event of an accident where the at-fault driver only has liability coverage, the only car that is repaired under the policy is the no-fault driver. If the at-fault driver’s car incurs damage, that must be repaired as a direct out-of-pocket expense to the driver. Furthermore, the no-fault driver will have to wait until the insurance company settles the claim before they can begin the repairs process. If the no-fault driver has collision coverage, they can make a claim with their insurer and begin repairs. The insurance companies can then work out compensation between themselves.

Most Expensive and Least Expensive Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Cheap Car Insurance in Bakersfield by Insurer

Though there are many different criteria to apply when shopping for car insurance, low cost is probably the most popular. When it comes to affordable automobile insurance in California, Geico leads the pack, with United and Amco in close pursuit.

Use this guide to compare auto insurance quotes from the best companies.

Low Cost Auto Insurance for Bad Credit in Bakersfield

California does not allow insurance companies to base insurance premiums on a driver’s credit score. Rather, insurers are restricted to only considering the driving record of the insured. Thus, good drivers with bad credit can free up some money to help amend their financial situation.

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Difference Between Liability and Full Coverage

What is Liability-Only?

Liability insurance will pay for the injuries and/or damages that you cause to others in the case of a collision where you were at fault. In most cases, liability insurance will cost less than full-coverage insurance, but then again, they are both very different in what they cover. Liability is mandatory in all U.S. states, although how much liability you are required to have differs between states. Even if it wasn’t mandatory to have liability insurance, accidents can happen anytime and, if they do, you will need to be able to pay for the damages that you cause if you were the one to blame.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance in Arizona pays for your injuries and the damages made to your car as well as for others and isn’t just a specific type of a policy but it is instead liability, comprehensive insurance, and collision all combined. Full coverage insurance is not mandatory, but is good to have since it will help pay for your car to be fixed in the event of an accident that causes you injury or damage to your car, even if you were at fault. If the other person that collided with you was at fault, then their insurance will cover the damages to your car and your injuries. This is why there are laws requiring everyone to have insurance to cover the damages they cause.

Key Differences Between Full Coverage and Liability Only

The main difference between having liability and full coverage insurance is that liability insurance will only pay for injuries to others and their damages that resulted from an accident where you were at fault, where full coverage will not only pay for the damages and injuries done to others but will also cover your injuries and auto damages that resulted from an accident that you caused as well.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates in California by City

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Ways to Lower Your Insurance Premiums

The following auto insurance discounts can be used to help lower your premiums in Bakersfield:

  • Don’t Speed

    If you are caught speeding, your license will accrue points. With each additional point, your insurance company considers you more of a liability and so will charge you more for insurance. Stick to local in-town limits and use your cruise control on the highway to avoid excessive speed.

  • Shop Around

    Different insurers charge different premiums for virtually the same policies. Since the essential service is often identical from company to company, you are sure to save money by comparing rates from multiple companies.

  • Avoid Accidents

    When you are at fault in an accident, law enforcement will add points to your license. Further, the other party is likely to file a claim against your policy. When insurers pay out on claims, they typically raise the premiums for those policy holders.

  • Bundled Insurance Packages

    If you have renter’s insurance or are a homeowner, you may be able to add your automobile to the policy. This also goes for other vehicles or even health insurance. Insurance companies love to bundle policies and offer incentives for customers to do so. You will only have one premium payment to make, which makes things easy, and you’ll save money, as well.

  • Insure Multiple Cars

    If you own multiple cars, your per-car rates are bound to be lower if you put them all on the same policy. You can also include a car owned by your spouse or domestic partner. You could also add your partner to health insurance or cover their recreational vehicles under your policy.

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What are the Factors that Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

There are quite a few factors included in determining your cost for auto insurance such as:

  • Your location
  • Age
  • Number of violations you had in the past
  • Gender
  • Whether you are married or single
  • Your credit score
  • The plan you are seeking
  • The deductible
  • Daily miles you drive
  • The make, model, and year of the vehicle to be insured
  • Whether you live alone or with others
  • Your occupation

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