Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in Augusta?

The population of Augusta is nearly 200,000 people strong. As a midsize city, it may seem like more car thefts and collisions should take place, but they don’t. This may be due to the fact that the city is bisected by few highways. Those roadways are all well-separated until they join up with state highway 520, which runs in a half-circle through the top half of the city. The remainder of these roads run from southwest to northeast, leading out of town and toward the Augusta National Golf Club.

It takes commuters about 20.2 minutes to travel from home to work each day, which is nearly seven minutes under the national average. In 2018, the number of thefts was 1,393, with a rate of 230.57 for the city. However, because the car theft statistics are combined with Richmond County, this may tick the numbers up slightly. Overall, the areas 2018 rank for thefts was #147, so theft shouldn’t add much to your insurance premium.

All of this—length of drive, accidents, and thefts—have an effect on how much car insurance an individual will pay for one year. While their car may not be stolen, the overall cost of paid claims increases the costs for the entire population of a city because it increases the known risk factors for the city in general.

Not every insurance purchaser can afford the high rates that insurance companies charge. On average, annual premiums in Augusta reach $1,511. If a car owner isn’t able to afford this rate, they should certainly search for less expensive insurance rates that still meet Georgia vehicle insurance coverage laws.

What are the Insurance Requirements in Augusta?

Annual insurance rates for vehicles in Georgia may be slightly more affordable than in other states. Still, you may feel the need to swallow hard when you look at the final total you’re expected to pay. Rates on plans are often shown as annual amounts.

You may be given the opportunity to pay the full amount in one lump sum or payments that cover six or three months each. If you do this, you’ll avoid service charges which you would pay in monthly payments. If you cannot swing a large, one-time payment for your vehicle insurance, keep in mind that those monthly service charges are small, but you may still end up spending more in total than you would with the larger payments.

In Georgia, you are required to carry bodily injury liability, property damage liability, uninsured motorist bodily injury and uninsured motorist property damage. This is plenty for most people and all that is required by law. However, your insurance agent, knowing about more expensive auto repair and healthcare costs, may recommend that you get more than just the minimum coverage required by law.

Most Expensive and Least Expensive Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Cheap Car Insurance in Augusta by Insurer

Don’t choose the least-expensive annual premium because it’s the lowest. As you look for an insurance plan that fits your needs as a driver, you’ll hear your agent recommending plans with higher annual premiums – if you can afford it, you might want to listen to them.

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Low Cost Auto Insurance for Bad Credit in Augusta

The state of Georgia does allow insurance companies to use your credit scores to determine your annual vehicle insurance premium. If you have excellent credit, you’ll likely pay a lower premium; if you have poor credit, your annual premium will be higher.

Learn how your credit score determines your car insurance premiums.

Difference Between Liability and Full Coverage

What is Liability Only Insurance Coverage?

Liability insurance covers the possible cost of damage you cause to others while driving. This could mean the cost of medical care for those injured in an accident or repair costs of the damage you have caused to other vehicles.

With liability insurance, there are 3 key numbers: injury coverage per person, coverage for total injury per accident, and property damage coverage per accident. Each state has different requirements for car insurance minimums. In a policy that has coverage for 15/30/25 means $15,000 per injured person, with a maximum of $30,000 for all the people who are injured in an accident, and $25,000 in coverage for property damage.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

While liability insurance covers other people and vehicles in an accident where you were the one considered at fault, full coverage insurance can also cover you and your vehicle as well. Full coverage includes two different types of coverage combined into one insurance plan; comprehensive insurance and collision.

Comprehensive coverage is for the damage of other vehicles that are outside of driving situations such as weather damage, fire, or theft.

Collision coverage is basically to pay for damage that you caused while driving such as an accident with another vehicle, hitting an object, or driving off the road.

The difference between collision and comprehensive is, if a tree were to fall on your car and damage it, comprehensive insurance would cover it, however, if you were driving and hit a tree causing damage to your car, then it would be covered by collision.

What is the Difference Between the Two Types of Car Insurance?

Liability coverage kicks in when you back up and hit a kid on a skateboard you did not see. It will also pay for a gate you run into and damage.

Collision insurance pays out when you back into a large rock at a campground, denting your pickup’s tailgate. It will pay to get the tailgate repaired.

Comprehensive coverage will pay for the repair costs when something flies out of the back of a semi-truck and you end up with a cracked windshield.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates in Georgia by City

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Ways to Lower Your Insurance Premiums

There are many ways that you can save on auto insurance in Augusta:

  • Shop around:

    It could not be clearer. The smallest difference in our driver demographics between the most expensive and the bargain insurance rate was over $1,100 yearly. It is a good idea to shop around yearly, especially if your policy rate goes up, since insurance carriers can change their rates whenever they feel it’s necessary.

  • Avoid accidents and moving violations:

    These will increase your rate, sometimes substantially.

  • If you have an accident or moving violation:

    It is often a good idea to spend a little bit of money now and attend traffic school, rather than have these violations stay on your driving record for years.

  • Insure your home and car with the same company:

    If you can insure your home or apartment and your vehicles with the same insurance carrier, you can also save money, as there is often a discount for bundling multiple services.

  • Look for discounts :

    Often, there are good driver rates for those with no moving violations or student driver rates. Sometimes, your insurance agent will not tell you about these discounts, but you can find them online.

  • Rates are influenced by the type of vehicle :

    Insurance rates are much higher if you carry full liability and have a vehicle you are paying off. Sometimes it is best to buy a new car and just maintain it thoroughly. Eventually, you will have no car payment, and you can eventually drop the collision insurance. When cars get to a certain age, you will not receive enough back from the insurance company if your car is totaled in an accident to justify buying the collision insurance each year.

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What are the Factors that Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums?

Your car insurance rate in Augusta is based upon many factors. You will be charged more or less on your policy based upon your age, marital status, and your number of moving violations and accidents. You will also be charged by the carrier based upon the type of vehicle you drive, whether it is paid for or not, and whether you decide that it is cost effective and prudent to have collision insurance or not. Also, insurance agency rates are highly variable, based upon the company and what area of the country you live in. Those in rural areas often pay less, while people in large, metropolitan cities often pay more. Armed with knowledge and by shopping around, you overcome some of these factors and save substantial money each year on auto insurance.

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