What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Meridian?

The population of Meridian, as of 2019 was over 114,000. In 2010, it was 76,986, so the population growth in these years was considerable. The average commute time to work is 22.1 minutes, significantly shorter than the national average commute of around 27 minutes. Since this means that drivers spend less time on the roads, it may lower the overall cost of car insurance. Additionally, the city of Meridian doesn’t appear to have significant vehicle theft statistics either, meaning the city is relatively safe for your vehicle in that way.

Annual insurance premiums can be extremely inexpensive or they can top $1,500. It greatly depends on the type of insurance you choose, which insurance company provides your coverage, and where you live.

How Much Auto Insurance Coverage is Needed for Meridian Drivers?

You’ll have to at least plan on getting a minimum coverage, liability plan and you may want to at least consider a comprehensive plan. Though, if you’re still making payments to a loan company for your car, you’re likely to be required to buy a comprehensive plan which covers more damages than a liability plan.

Liability coverage in Idaho includes $25,000 of bodily injury liability coverage for a single injury in an accident, $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident, and $15,000 in property damage coverage per accident. They also include $25,000 of uninsured motorist coverage, but this can be waived with most insurers.

When you learn about the state minimum insurance requirement, you may be tempted to choose that one and forget about adding any other coverage. However, this may be a bad idea depending on how much coverage you actually want or need. Consider what may happen if a tree limb falls on the roof of your car. If you don’t have a comprehensive coverage plan, you are going to pay for every penny of the repairs.

Most Expensive and Least Expensive Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Cheap Car Insurance in Meridian by Insurer

You can buy a state minimum annual insurance premium or you can buy less-expensive auto insurance that provides sufficient coverage for accidents, unanticipated events, such as a destructive blizzard or a vehicle theft. No matter what you decide to purchase, make sure that the company you choose is reputable in the insurance industry. You want to be sure that you’ll be able to reach them when you call and that they will pay out claims in a timely manner.

How are insurance rates determined and getting cheap insurance close by.

Low Cost Auto Insurance for Bad Credit in Meridian

As with most states, a bad credit rating can impact your insurance costs in Idaho. However, your best plan to find insurance with the coverage you want at a price you can pay is simply to look everywhere. Get quotes, consider various deductibles within your price range, and keep looking until you find the insurance that will work for you. Below you’ll find a good place to start if you have less than excellent credit.

Learn how bad credit can affect your car insurance rates.

Difference Between Liability and Full Coverage

What is Liability Only Coverage?

Liability insurance will pay for the injuries and/or damages that you cause to others in the case of a collision where you were at fault. In most cases, liability insurance will cost less than full-coverage insurance, but then again, they are both very different in what they cover. Liability is mandatory in all U.S. states, although how much liability you are required to have differs between states. Even if it wasn’t mandatory to have liability insurance, accidents can happen anytime and, if they do, you will need to be able to pay for the damages that you cause if you were the one to blame.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full coverage auto insurance in Arizona pays for your injuries and the damages made to your car as well as for others and isn’t just a specific type of a policy but it is instead liability, comprehensive insurance, and collision all combined. Full coverage insurance is not mandatory, but is good to have since it will help pay for your car to be fixed in the event of an accident that causes you injury or damage to your car, even if you were at fault. If the other person that collided with you was at fault, then their insurance will cover the damages to your car and your injuries. This is why there are laws requiring everyone to have insurance to cover the damages they cause.

What are the Major Differences Between Full Coverage and Liability?

The main difference between liability and full coverage insurance is that full coverage will cost more than liability insurance and this is because it protects you against many more possible risks that liability doesn’t cover.

In addition, liability insurance only covers other people’s injury claims and damages to other vehicles where full coverage will cover other’s injuries and vehicle damages as well as your injuries and damage to your own vehicle.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates in Idaho by City

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Ways to Obtain a Lower Cost Auto Insurance Policy

The following auto insurance discounts can be used to help lower your premiums in Meridian:

Of course, the best way to keep your auto insurance rates down is to drive safely and avoid accidents. The better your driving record, the lower your rates. However, there are also other ways to lower your rates.

Shop Around for the Best Price

Prices can vary significantly between insurance agencies so you will need to get a quote from each one. To prevent having to go to each site and put all your information in dozens of times, there are some sites where you can compare the rates of several agencies at once that you should take advantage of.

Bundle with other insurance plans

Most insurance agencies offer you a chance to bundle and get many of your insurance needs from one place; such as renters’ insurance, homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, and more. You can also save when insuring more than one vehicle.

Reduce the Number of Miles you drive

Reducing the number of miles you drive will reduce your risk for accidents and therefore, your insurance rates. Besides that, it could do your body and your health good to walk sometimes.

Check the Insurance Costs for a Car Before Buying it

Before you buy a car, it is important that you check insurance costs first, as some car types can raise your insurance rates much more than others. Some of the things your premiums may be based on include the cars overall safety record, costs of parts and repairs, the price of the car, and theft likelihood.

Increase your Deductibles

The higher the price of the deductibles the less your rates will be. For example, if you were to increase your deductible from $200 to $500 it would reduce your comprehensive coverage and collision rates by 15-30%.

Watch your Credit Score

Did you know that many people check their credit report only to find several mistakes that can be fixed? Check your credit report often, because the higher your credit score the lower your insurance rates will be.

Use our guide to find discounts and lower your insurance premium costs.

What are the Factors that Affect Your Meridian, ID Car Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies factor in many variables when determining your automobile insurance rate. They look at your age, type of car, marital status, gender, and driving record, among other factors. Age is a factor because actuaries have found that older drivers tend to be safer drivers, whether due to experience or caution.

Your type of car is also important. For instance, cherry red convertible sports cars in particular might have the highest insurance rates. On this note, be aware that you might pay a lower premium for driving the sedan version of a sporty, high-horsepower vehicle. Still, what matters most is how you drive your hot-hatch or family wagon.

That’s because your driving record is perhaps the biggest single factor in your insurance rate. It is certainly the one that you have the most control over. That is, the longer you can maintain an incident-free driving record, the lower your rates are sure to be. Incidents can be anything from a minor speeding ticket to a reckless driving charge to being at-fault in a major automobile accident.

Compare insurance company rates for drivers with a bad record here.

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