Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in Evansville?

Evansville is Indiana’s third most populous city, with just over 117,000 people. With over 7% of the state’s population residing in this area, there are many motorists on the road every day. To that end, while living here, you will want to make sure your car insurance is top-notch.

Many of the drivers here have just over a twenty-minute commute to work. Bound to be distracted at some point by the stresses of the job, or rushing home to see their family, accidents may occur. In case of this, you will want to make sure all the proper precautions have been taken by insuring yourself and your automobile in a way that fits all your needs. However, it is exactly due to these risks that insurance companies often charge more for premiums in areas with a high population density and long commutes to work. Luckily, the 20+ minute commute is actually lower than the national average of just under 27 minutes.

While you want to protect yourself, your car is also a big investment – it may be the most expensive thing you own after your house! You’ll want to make sure to protect your vehicle while it’s being driven and when it’s parked, as over 7,000 cars were reported stolen in the state as of 2018.

Read on to find out what requirements are a must and what options you have regarding your insurance in the state of Indiana.

What Insurance Coverage is Needed for Drivers in Evansville

As it hosts the Indianapolis 500, Indiana is no stranger to the exhilaration that comes with driving a vehicle. That said, the state is also acutely aware of the dangers it may present. The rules on insurance in the state are a bit more stringent than those in other states. So, if you are a motorist in Indiana, make sure you are following all the rules regarding how much insurance you need to be on the road.

You will need to carry bodily injury liability coverage in the amounts of $25,000 for a single person injured or killed in an accident and $50,000 per accident in order to cover multiple injuries. Additionally, you’ll need $25,000 of property damage liability coverage for damages to the other driver’s vehicle or other property if you are found to be at fault in an accident. You will also need $25,000 per accident for uninsured motorist property damage and $25,000/$50,000 for both uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury per person/ per accident. These requirements are higher than many other states, so it’s good to keep that in mind when you go looking for coverage.

While these are the minimum requirements that need to be met when purchasing your auto insurance policy, you may want to look into ones that also cover collision and comprehensive, which pays for car repairs after a crash that was your fault or a natural disaster. Some policies or addons may also help with extra expenses that may arise, such as towing and car rental.

Most Expensive and Least Expensive Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Cheap Car Insurance in Evansville by Insurer

It’s so tempting to pad your savings account in whatever way possible, but skimping on your car insurance is probably not the best way to do that. Speaking of skimping, don’t do it on quality either! Check the customer service ratings of the company you’re looking into before you sign up for their service.

Learn how to find cheap car insurance near you.

Low Cost Auto Insurance for Bad Credit in Evansville

Thankfully, even if you have taken a hit to your credit, you can still find affordable policies in Indiana. Some top-rated, nationally known companies such as GEICO, Nationwide, and Progressive have programs just for people like you! Check out the details here:

Check out this bad credit guide to help get lower auto insurance rates.

What is the Difference Between Full Coverage and Liability?

What is Liability-Only?

Liability-only coverage is the cheapest option for automobile insurance. This coverage level only covers vehicles that are not at fault in an accident. Thus, if you carry liability-only coverage and cause an accident, the other driver will be covered by your policy. Any damage done to your car must be covered out of pocket, if at all.

Another way to think of liability insurance is that it protects you from claims made by another driver. Without the protection of insurance, you might be sued if you were to collide with another vehicle.

What does Full Coverage Insurance Cover?

Full Coverage is a commonly used term which covers more than just the damage you might cause in an accident, or the coverage you are liable for. If your policy covers your liability to another vehicle, the damage done to your vehicle (collision insurance), and any incidental damage done to your car by any non-auto elements (comprehensive coverage), then you have a policy that is indeed full coverage. If you have a new car, you may wish to cover it with such a policy, as you might want the peace of mind that any damage will be covered by insurance.

Top Factors and Differences Between the Types of Coverage

The chief distinction between full and liability coverage is that full coverage ensures that any damage done to your car can be covered by insurance. Liability insurance only protects you from claims when you are at-fault in an accident. You will still need to pay for any damage to your own car, you just won’t have to pay for damage you caused to another person’s car. Full coverage can cover damage to your car even if the other driver is not insured and cannot compensate you for damages.

Finally, all states require that you carry at least a liability insurance policy so that collision victims receive compensation in the event of an accident. At-fault drivers are likewise protected from claims resulting from an automobile accident.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates in Indiana by City

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Ways to Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

Save on Your Insurance Policy Rates With These Discounts in Evansville:

  • A good driving record

    Being a safe driver is the best way to keep your auto insurance cost down; the fewer accidents you have the less you will pay.

  • Shop around for quotes

    Insurance rates can vary substantially from company to company, which is why you will need to shop around and get quotes from each company. Most companies will give you a fast, free quote online.

  • Raise your deductible

    If you are considering getting a full-coverage plan, you can ask for a higher deductible to lower your monthly cost. The higher the deductible the lower your price will be.

  • Save on bundling

    You can save some money on auto insurance by bundling. Getting both auto insurance protections along with something like homeowners’ insurance in one plan will cost less than if you were to get separate plans.

  • Establish a good credit report

    Insurance companies base your cost on many factors, including what’s in your credit report, so, the better your credit report is, the lower your auto insurance costs will be.

  • Reduce the miles you drive daily

    Reducing how many miles you drive daily can also help cut auto insurance costs. You might consider car-pooling, taking a bus, or getting places the old-fashioned way – walk.

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Reasons that Affect Your Automobile Insurance Rates in Evansville, IN

As you can see, car insurance rates are influenced by a complex set of factors, all of them are determined by risk data for each insurance agency. How much each agency charges, though, based upon similar risk data, can vary widely. In the case of younger drivers, they can save literally thousands of dollars each year by shopping around. The insurance agencies will charge drivers different rates for their automobile insurance premiums by their age and marital status, driving record, area they live in, and whether they carry liability-only or full coverage insurance. If the customer opts for collision insurance, the carriers will charge more for a lower deductible.

Since there are so many factors to take into consideration in how much an insurance agency charges you for automobile insurance, it quite literally pays to thoroughly educate yourself about automobile insurance and to shop around for the best quote.

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