Who Has the Cheapest Car Insurance Rates in Raleigh?

Raleigh, NC is the bustling capitol of the Tar Heel State. With the advent of the Research Triangle Park, Raleigh has become a hub for technology and innovation. While the city itself has a population of 470,000, the metro statistical area boasts over 1.3 million. Given that the city is such a hub of economic activity, on any given day drivers can expect a significant addition to traffic from visiting businesspeople and others. When purchasing an insurance policy, Raleigh drivers need to heed not only drive times and traffic, but also auto theft rates and even summer thunderstorms which impede driving and otherwise pose a danger to their cars.

When it comes to commute times, drivers in the city proper average 22.5 minutes for a one-way commute. When the lens pans out to take in the metro area, drivers are shown to drive 24.5 minutes for work. These figures average to 23.5 minutes, which makes a total of 470 minutes per week for a two-car household, assuming two workers per home. When errands, activities, and leisure driving are added, that figure might increase to 600 minutes of drive-time per home. That adds up to a lot of risk, and potentially higher premiums for an auto policy.

When it comes to auto theft, the Raleigh metro area fares well. In 2018, Raleigh tallied only 1,812 thefts and was nationally ranked #258. The area is safer for drivers and their cars than many towns in North Carolina. Even their neighbors in Durham-Chapel Hill are ranked far higher, at #144, and Charlotte is ranked #152 for auto theft.

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What is Required for Raleigh Drivers?

Every driver in Raleigh, NC is required by state law to have an insurance policy. This is because the risk of accident is large enough that everyone needs to be accountable in case they cause an accident. Given that the city is so busy and that commute times only seem to increase, drivers are smart to carry extra coverage if possible, just in case. State law requires that drivers at least be held liable for any damage they cause while on the road. Thus, the minimum coverage is satisfied with a liability policy.

These liability policies only cover damage done to other cars, not the policyholder. Thus, while liability policies are cheaper, they are not necessarily recommended as a standalone. When drivers upgrade their policies to collision or comprehensive coverage, most any damage to their car can be covered. For example, damage from a hit-and-run, auto theft, or an uninsured motorist can be repaired immediately. Since Raleigh often experiences high winds and thunderstorms, drivers will be smart to be insured in case flying debris damages their car.

Most Expensive and Least Expensive Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Cheap Car Insurance in Raleigh by Insurer

Cheap and affordable auto insurance rates are always a welcome addition to any household budget. The following chart details the lowest cost car insurance companies for drivers in North Carolina. Keep in mind that the lowest premiums might not add up to the service everyone needs. Higher cost companies might provide other services such as comprehensive insurance packages that cover multiple assets or easy-to-access customer service who can explain your liability in a situation or help you resolve a case quickly.

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Low Cost Auto Insurance for Bad Credit in Raleigh

When a North Carolina driver finds themselves with bad credit, they are also likely to find that their car insurance is more expensive. In fact, great drivers who may have bounced a check or two often have higher car insurance rates in many states. However, here are some car insurance options that can help drivers reduce insurance costs while they amend their credit scores.

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Full Coverage Vs. Liability, Which is Best For You?

What is Liability Only Insurance Coverage?

Liability-only coverage is the cheapest option for automobile insurance. This coverage level only covers vehicles that are not at fault in an accident. Thus, if you carry liability-only coverage and cause an accident, the other driver will be covered by your policy. Any damage done to your car must be covered out of pocket, if at all.

Another way to think of liability insurance is that it protects you from claims made by another driver. Without the protection of insurance, you might be sued if you were to collide with another vehicle.

Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Full Coverage is a commonly used term which covers more than just the damage you might cause in an accident, or the coverage you are liable for. If your policy covers your liability to another vehicle, the damage done to your vehicle (collision insurance), and any incidental damage done to your car by any non-auto elements (comprehensive coverage), then you have a policy that is indeed full coverage. If you have a new car, you may wish to cover it with such a policy, as you might want the peace of mind that any damage will be covered by insurance.

Difference Between the Two Types of Coverage

Liability and Full coverage policies have many distinctions but the chief one is that under a liability policy your car is not covered. If you are in an accident and are found at-fault, your liability policy will cover the other driver and her passengers. A full coverage policy, on the other hand, covers damage done to your car as a result of a wide range of accidents, even if you are at-fault. These policies also differ when it comes to premium payments.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates in North Carolina by City

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Car Insurance Discounts to Lower Your Policy Rates

The following auto insurance discounts can be used to help lower your premiums in Raleigh:

Of course, the best way to keep your auto insurance rates down is to drive safely and avoid accidents. The better your driving record, the lower your rates. However, there are also other ways to lower your rates.

Shop Around for the Best Price

Prices can vary significantly between insurance agencies so you will need to get a quote from each one. To prevent having to go to each site and put all your information in dozens of times, there are some sites where you can compare the rates of several agencies at once that you should take advantage of.

Bundle with other insurance plans

Most insurance agencies offer you a chance to bundle and get many of your insurance needs from one place; such as renters’ insurance, homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, and more. You can also save when insuring more than one vehicle.

Reduce the Number of Miles you drive

Reducing the number of miles you drive will reduce your risk for accidents and therefore, your insurance rates. Besides that, it could do your body and your health good to walk sometimes.

Check the Insurance Costs for a Car Before Buying it

Before you buy a car, it is important that you check insurance costs first, as some car types can raise your insurance rates much more than others. Some of the things your premiums may be based on include the cars overall safety record, costs of parts and repairs, the price of the car, and theft likelihood.

Increase your Deductibles

The higher the price of the deductibles the less your rates will be. For example, if you were to increase your deductible from $200 to $500 it would reduce your comprehensive coverage and collision rates by 15-30%.

Watch your Credit Score

Did you know that many people check their credit report only to find several mistakes that can be fixed? Check your credit report often, because the higher your credit score the lower your insurance rates will be.

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Raleigh NC Car Insurance Premiums Cost – What Affects Your Rates?

Your car insurance rate in Raleigh is based upon many factors. You will be charged more or less on your policy based upon your age, marital status, and your number of moving violations and accidents. You will also be charged by the carrier based upon the type of vehicle you drive, whether it is paid for or not, and whether you decide that it is cost effective and prudent to have collision insurance or not. Also, insurance agency rates are highly variable, based upon the company and what area of the country you live in. Those in rural areas often pay less, while people in large, metropolitan cities often pay more. Armed with knowledge and by shopping around, you overcome some of these factors and save substantial money each year on auto insurance.

How to tickets and accidents affect your driving record and insurance?

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