What is the Average Cost of Car Insurance in Tulsa?

Tulsa is the second largest city in Oklahoma with a population of 400,669. According to the US Census Bureau the Tulsa metropolitan area has over 1,251,000 residents and is the most densely populated county in the state. Spanning just over 200 square miles, it’s shocking that the average person in Tulsa only drives 18.4 minutes on their daily work commute.

However, the average Tulsa home owns two vehicles, and spending just over a half an hour a day spent commuting, vehicle insurance and maintenance plays a major part in the average home budget. The total commute time for these homes, for a 5-day work week, is still low at just over 3 hours, but that is before you include travel for groceries, entertainment, and any kids school activities or hobbies that require driving.

Additionally, in 2018 there were 5,019 vehicle thefts in the Tulsa area, which equals out to around 505 per capita. This put Tulsa near the top of the list of cities vulnerable to theft at #14 in the US. Both your commute and the theft rate can affect your insurance premium.

While those with loans or leases on their trucks or cars will likely have to purchase full vehicle insurance coverage to meet their contract requirements, those who own their vehicles outright can opt for lesser coverage in order to save money on their insurance. That’s where it gets tricky, because insurance policies can be quite confusing and it may be difficult to determine whether you should opt for extra coverages in certain areas or choose the lowest price and risk financial disaster in the event of an accident.

By learning what the minimum legal requirement is, and details of specific riders, you can add to your car insurance policy you can be assured you’re making an informed decision when purchasing your auto insurance policy.

What Insurance Coverage is Needed for Drivers in Tulsa

The minimum vehicle insurance coverage for Tulsa, Oklahoma is often referred to as 25/50/25. This is understood as meaning that you must have coverage for $25,000 bodily injury with a maximum of $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 coverage of damage to another person’s property. That may sound like enough, but when you consider the average cost of a three-day hospital stay is $30,000, you can see how fast it could add up. Likewise, $25,000 property protection won’t go far if you’re in an accident involving a brand-new truck or car.

Basic coverage also doesn’t address extras such as damage from hail, falling tree branches, or vehicle theft. While you may consider your area as low crime, the fact is Tulsa has the 14th highest vehicle theft rate in the country. You should take a close look at extra policy riders to make sure you have adequate coverage.

Most Expensive and Least Expensive Insurance Rates by Zip Code

Cheap Car Insurance in Tulsa by Insurer

Calling different companies for car insurance rates can be time consuming and confusing. While rates are determined by a wide range of personal information such as age, gender, driving experience, driving history, credit rating, and education, there are some companies who average much cheaper rates than others. Here’s a look at the cheapest companies in Tulsa, OK.

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Low Cost Auto Insurance for Bad Credit in Tulsa

Your credit rating can have an adverse effect on your vehicle insurance, and you may find yourself facing much higher than average rates because of it. Some companies specialize in insuring those with less than stellar credit and here are companies available in Tulsa.

Learn how your credit score determines your car insurance premiums.

What is the Difference Between Full Coverage and Liability?

What is Liability-Only?

Liability-only coverage is the cheapest option for automobile insurance. This coverage level only covers vehicles that are not at fault in an accident. Thus, if you carry liability-only coverage and cause an accident, the other driver will be covered by your policy. Any damage done to your car must be covered out of pocket, if at all.

Another way to think of liability insurance is that it protects you from claims made by another driver. Without the protection of insurance, you might be sued if you were to collide with another vehicle.

Why You May Want Full Coverage Car Insurance

Full Coverage is a commonly used term which covers more than just the damage you might cause in an accident, or the coverage you are liable for. If your policy covers your liability to another vehicle, the damage done to your vehicle (collision insurance), and any incidental damage done to your car by any non-auto elements (comprehensive coverage), then you have a policy that is indeed full coverage. If you have a new car, you may wish to cover it with such a policy, as you might want the peace of mind that any damage will be covered by insurance.

Difference Between the Two Types of Coverage

Liability and Full coverage policies have many distinctions but the chief one is that under a liability policy your car is not covered. If you are in an accident and are found at-fault, your liability policy will cover the other driver and her passengers. A full coverage policy, on the other hand, covers damage done to your car as a result of a wide range of accidents, even if you are at-fault. These policies also differ when it comes to premium payments.

Average Annual Car Insurance Rates in Oklahoma by City

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Helpful Advice to Get Lower Car Insurance Rates

There are many car insurance discounts and ways to save on your policy in Tulsa:

  • Avoid Accidents

    Each time you are at fault in an accident, your insurance company must pay out to cover your liability. Thus, your rates are definitely going to rise any time you cause an accident. The longer you are able to maintain a driving record clean of accidents, the more favorable your policy will be in the eyes of insurance companies.

  • Don’t Speed

    Insurance rates are set relative to the risk you pose as a driver. Since speeding is positively linked to accidents, and thus to insurance claims, your tickets will also result in higher insurance rates.

  • Shop Around

    Insurance is like any other business and so some will charge lower rates in order to gain more customers. Before you purchase a policy from the last company you saw on television, do some homework and determine which policy is the best for you, even if it’s not the least expensive.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Packages

    Typically, insurance companies insure multiple asset types. They write policies for homes, boats, renters, and they can also cover your health. If you package your automobile insurance with your home, boat, and health insurance, you will likely pay a bit less for your car insurance.

  • Multiple Vehicles

    If you have more than one car, combine them on the same policy. The more cars you add, the lower your rates will be on a per-car basis.

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These are the Common Reasons for Insurance Rates in Tulsa OK

Insurance companies factor in many variables when determining your automobile insurance rate. They look at your age, type of car, marital status, gender, and driving record, among other factors. Age is a factor because actuaries have found that older drivers tend to be safer drivers, whether due to experience or caution.

Your type of car is also important. For instance, cherry red convertible sports cars in particular might have the highest insurance rates. On this note, be aware that you might pay a lower premium for driving the sedan version of a sporty, high-horsepower vehicle. Still, what matters most is how you drive your hot-hatch or family wagon.

That’s because your driving record is perhaps the biggest single factor in your insurance rate. It is certainly the one that you have the most control over. That is, the longer you can maintain an incident-free driving record, the lower your rates are sure to be. Incidents can be anything from a minor speeding ticket to a reckless driving charge to being at-fault in a major automobile accident.

If you have a bad driving record and need cheap insurance, compare rates here.

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